I come from a small town in the south of Brazil. I was always a dreamer and my search for knowing the world keeps me inspired to gain the goals that lead me forward… My family, my wife and my friends, special people that God put in my life, encourage me to be a better human being. Along the way, photography has taken me to places I could never imagine and also allows me to be a counter, not only of my own history but of incredible people I was fortunate to meet.

That 2015 was a great year, I got married to my princess Juliana and we moved to live in Australia. We’re so excited with Australian lifestyle and happy to living here, it’s a great challenge and a dream at the same time. We miss so much of our family and friends and because of this longing, we decided that once a year we’ll spend time in Brazil to review all these important people and shooting some weddings. About our wedding, was amazing, in short words was the most important day in our lives! Now I understand how photography is important for weddings…

“Video by Edgar Reyes

Iā€™d really like to go for a coffee with every person that come here to get to know better my work. It would be amazing eliminate the coldness of an email and have an open conversation about your expectations on photography, but sometimes the distance avoid us from doing that. This is complicated because I believe that the trust necessary for you to give the photography of your wedding to me is earned through the eye contact, a good handshake and chat about life, relationships, challenges and even struggles that we all face in our daily lives.

Although I need to listen to you, hardly I will shoot a wedding without knowing how things will happen and understand how you have been dreaming of this day. Since my biggest goal is to construct images that are meaningful to you I want to know what is important to you and this connection is extremely important. I want to shoot genuine projects, tell stories of people who truly love each other and let their emotions flow naturally, I want to photograph the soul of people who are wild and free.

Anyway, if you became identified with my personal way of telling stories, I invite you to see the other links of Information about my work and at the end send me an email so we can arrange a chat about your wedding or photo shoot, either in person or via Skype.

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For those who want to stalk my personal photography, reach out the Social and Personal menu on the top of this website and see what you can find… To finish, a long short story: After spending 14 years working in a Bank with IT and Management Project I decided to jump on photography’s world and discover my creativity, it was a hard decision to leave a great career in an established company and to live of my photography, my art. When I look to the past and saw how blessed is my life. I feel proud and full of energy to create and explore more. Thanks again for supporting my job! See ya…